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 Meeting With Legecy/Origin

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Meeting With Legecy/Origin Empty
PostSubject: Meeting With Legecy/Origin   Meeting With Legecy/Origin I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2012 6:16 pm

here is is....

Stiele 14:46:24
well for Syn home is the islands and valleys they now hold

Quianna 14:49:13
So how would this pan out? If cities aren't burned then they could be reinforced and recaptured over time. It sounds like the only method is to race to the finish, somehow managing to break through enough cities to get to the wonder and capture it

Barrt 14:49:39
I just want to make sure that when we fight for a wonder 1v1 the other kingdom dont attack our citys at the same time

Quianna 14:49:41
If the Wonder is captured, would the cities occupying the patch -- who aren't in Synergy -- be expected to retreat?

Quianna 14:50:13
wouldn't that be tactical?

Quianna 14:50:25
cruel, yes, but tactical...

Barrt 14:50:26
If your fighting 2v1 yes

Quianna 14:50:51
but if the same kingdom chose to split its forces in that method you'd be ok w it?

Stiele 14:50:52
I think part of this agreement should be we halt all offensives on non wonder islands

Barrt 14:50:55
If thier is a risk at that then this is pointless and we will do 1v1 in EW

Barrt 14:51:39
If we are attacking Origin and Origin attacks us that would be fine just a normal battle

Stiele 14:51:49
cities aren't burned but should be ported out once the wonder has been taken

Barrt 14:51:51
I am speaking about Us attack legacy and Origin attacking us

Quianna 14:52:21
Right, Origin wouldn't get involved in your offensives on Legacy, I guess. Is that okay, Stiele? From the beginning?

Quianna 14:52:48
Since you did help us, do you want us to return the favor if and before this arrangement is made?

Stiele 14:53:15
that's why I propose no more offensives outside the wonder areas, those lead to battles to retaliate and will get in the way of 1v1

Quianna 14:54:00
alright. and with that, would we plan out battles in advance, keeping all three sides aware of what's happening?

Stiele 14:54:19
no not completely would take the fun out of it

Quianna 14:54:22
For example, if Synergy wants to fight Legacy that weekend, will Origin and Legacy know in advance so we don't start any offensievs?

Quianna 14:54:25

Barrt 14:54:33
No it will be a random wonder attack

Barrt 14:54:43
no fun knowing when where and stuff

Barrt 14:54:46 boring

Quianna 14:54:57
I don't want Origin being yelled at for starting an offensive while Synergy decides to fight Legacy

Quianna 14:55:01
Even if it's planned

Barrt 14:55:07
First battle will be vrs legacy

Barrt 14:55:45
So yeah we will all know who will be fighting

Quianna 14:55:48
And how long should we wait before we can start offensives again? By default, until you capture the Wonder, but how long if that takes longer than expected? 1-week? 3-days?

Stiele 14:56:38
I see your point Quianna, so are you all willing to agree to stopping all offensives for now exept for the 'planned' ones?

Barrt 14:57:10
I dont see it being a problem has Origin even attacked anything in a month

Quianna 14:57:43
I can agree to that. And we have to define "offensives" as well. Do these includee only cities, or do they also include recapturing small villages, conquering new small villages, capturing or recapturing plunder/tax cities...

Stiele 14:57:55
yes they have Barrt was a battle at Barclay's and several other offensives on smaller islands

Stiele 14:58:13
I'd say define offensive as city fights

Stiele 14:58:30 let everyone fight for small villages and plunder cities all they want

Quianna 14:58:42
What about small villages with garrisoned troops?

Barrt 14:59:12
What she is askin is if we attack you and they see us garrison on a village can they trap us

Stiele 14:59:22
when they are obviously part of an offensive they shouldn't be but otherwise I'd be fine with it

Quianna 14:59:24
That's not what I'm asking

Quianna 14:59:57
I'm asking if it's an unplanned day, no battles waiting, if someone decides to go troop hunting and finds something, can they kill it?

Stiele 15:00:15
I think they should be allowed to

Barrt 15:00:44
Dont see why not really dont see why anyone would have troops on a village unless its a planed attack

Quianna 15:00:45
I feel if we know Syn is fighting Legacy then we shouldn't trap them or be assaulted by them in a similar manner.

Barrt 15:01:18 correct Q

Quianna 15:02:06 Ok

Barrt 15:02:26
Ok so far if troops found on village that isnt near wonder in or soon to be in battle they can be killed/traped and noone can attack while other 2 kingdoms fight

Barrt 15:02:35 What will we do if deal is broken

Stiele 15:02:37 Aside from that homelands should also be free to be attacked, I have had it with some of my guys over there thinking nothing can hurt them. Allthough those fights do not fall under the same agreement as taking back SB so allies can assist if they are even there

Barrt 15:03:11 K so other maps are free to port into got it

Quianna 15:03:12 I would only say homelands should be attacked if there's intent on having 2v1
Quianna 15:03:40 If Synergy is fighting Legacy in SB, I don't see why they'd port to EW as well.

Barrt 15:03:40 So if Legacy and I inviaid EW it would be ok?
Quianna 15:04:10 Bluntly, I don't like the idea of it, no Quianna 15:04:37 Nothing in EW has ever been in contest and I don't see why we should start contesting it now Quianna 15:04:55 Before anything happens in EW, I'd rather finish what we started in SB

Barrt 15:05:17 You lost me Homelands should only be attacked if thier is intent of 2v1 so if Legacy and I teamed up that would be ok from what you said

Stiele 15:05:30 no the other way around Barrt

Stiele 15:06:02
if for some reason you'd wish to make diversionary attacks on LC or HL that would be ok
Stiele 15:06:19 but any Origin there would be allowed to help out as well in defense Stiele 15:07:12 I just don't like the whole 'homelands' idea it makes people careless and lazy

Barrt 15:07:22 Oh ok Only 2v1 if against us got ya

Stiele 15:07:48 well origin and legacy are still allies ;-)

Quianna 15:07:54 this is true

Stiele 15:08:41 I'm just saying that a non attack pact on homelands is not part of this agreement for as far as I'm concerned

Quianna 15:08:53 As for the homelands thing, I like the idea, if gives us something to start from. And since there are 3 major kingdoms and 4 major maps, it's reasonable. We can still pick another location to brawl for on a consistent basis, but I think it's nice to know you have a safe-zone

Barrt 15:10:02 So after all is said and done in Sb then what the 2 of you will be on the same side so if we pick a zone to battle in we will fight legacy and Origin again its kinda pointless

Quianna 15:10:03 I'll bend to the idea of people fighting for *new* homelands, or just for invasion -- as you said, diversionary. But if it's with the intent of giving the other kingdom no place to settle, it's pretty much asking that kingdom to quit the game

Barrt 15:10:23 Thats why we all agreed before the merger to do whatever we can to avoid this setup

Quianna 15:10:34 after all is said and done in SB then we will have another discussion, I guess

Stiele 15:10:36 don't think it's relevant at the moment Quianna since retaking of SB will keep us occupied for a bit, but I'm affraid we have a different view on homelands...

Barrt 15:10:52 Yeah Q isnt that what has already happened?
Quianna 15:11:00 yeah
Quianna 15:11:17 I wouldn't be surprised if, after Synergy reclaimed SB, they'd come for EW next

Barrt 15:11:19 We just want a homeland so we dont lose even more players
Quianna 15:11:26 I'd be annoyed, but I wouldn'tbe surprised

Barrt 15:12:05 We have never had plans to take out Origin until we got screwed over. I have been working on peace and moving to HL to complete the first deal
Barrt 15:12:24 Goal on my side has always been the same
Barrt 15:12:27 Save the server
Barrt 15:12:32 Have fun

Quianna 15:12:38 so you want HL and SB?

Barrt 15:12:38 not force players into quiting
Barrt 15:12:52 HL as a battle zone

Quianna 15:13:14 so youre saying you want a homeland and a battle zone?

Stiele 15:13:48 Lets just take this one step at a time, after SB has been secured we'll talk about how we organise the war afterwards

Quianna 15:14:01 fair enough

Barrt 15:14:02 Yes as I have said all along but at this point We dont have a homeland

Quianna 15:14:17 Let me try to summarize what we might be agreeing on thus far Quianna 15:14:41 1) No 2v1 -- instead, having notice of battles, starting with Legacy vs Synergy. No interference from Origin of any kind Barrt 15:15:00 Think of Preserver merge everyone had homeland and battles in HL few times a week was a blast

Quianna 15:15:36 2) Despite the state of things, players can capture/recapture small villages, plunder cities Quianna 15:16:19 2a) Within battles, players cannot interfere via catching, hitting rival cities. Within and without battles, players cannot attack cities that are outside of a contested wonder zone
Quianna 15:16:29 look good so far?

Barrt 15:17:11 What are the wonder areas you were talking about Steile no attacks on what lvl wonders
Barrt 15:17:26 You said something about it when we talked about no attacks
Barrt 15:18:17 Stiele 14:53:15 that's why I propose no more offensives outside the wonder areas, those lead to battles to retaliate and will get in the way of 1v1
Barrt 15:19:01 Pretty much no attacks besides the wonder areas we are workin
g on taking back?
Stiele 15:20:09 yes Stiele 15:20:16 that's what I meant

Quianna 15:20:40 ok
Quianna 15:21:38 I want to talk about garrisons and defensives. Stiele, you mentioned that if Syn wanted to attack in HL or LC, then Origin members living there were welcome to help defend.

Quianna 15:22:11 Does this extend to SB?
Stiele 15:22:33 no just outside SB
Quianna 15:23:04 Is that okay with you, Barrt?
Barrt 15:23:32 Yeah I am fine with that If citys are there already seems right to assist Stiele 15:24:08 the rules of engagement we set up basically just apply for SB
Quianna 15:24:24 In saying that, then I'm guessing you won't be okay with Origin intentionally porting cities to help defend. What about moving troops (without cities)?
Barrt 15:25:06 Porting them to LC?
Barrt 15:25:11 why would you want to
Barrt 15:25:31 I am fine with you move as many citys you want into Lc lol

Quianna 15:25:40 I figure if Syn were fighting in LC and people were bored and wanted to do *something*, then they'd be willing to go so far
Stiele 15:25:55 that should be fine

Quianna 15:25:58 I want to cover every possibility that could arise
Quianna 15:26:16 I don't want anyone being called out for something that wasn't mentioned or settled here.
Barrt 15:26:20 Port as many citys and troops you want into LC i am fine with it

Stiele 15:26:40 I understand, but we can be sure situations will arise

Stiele 15:26:54 lets just make sure we contact eachother as soon as they do
Stiele 15:26:59 and find a way out
Barrt 15:27:00 Yeah
Quianna 15:27:05 And only on the defensive? If Syn ported to LC, could Origin port and engage in a 2v1 offensive, there?
Quianna 15:27:17 or not
Stiele 15:27:22 yes
Stiele 15:27:32 rules of engagement now only apply to SB Quianna 15:27:41 alright, I'm taking that to heart
Barrt 15:29:06 Kinda mute point we have no plans for LC
Quianna 15:29:26 better safe than sorry
Barrt 15:30:08 I have been upfront with all of our plans only attacks we will do is in SB or EW
Quianna 15:30:27 *sigh*
Quianna 15:30:50 well, I suppose I shouldn't expect anything so soon... I guess. since you're going after the Legacy wonder's first.
Quianna 15:31:08 but, I'll act like it's happening tomorrow.
Quianna 15:32:31 we still havent covered the concept of time

Barrt 15:32:43 But so legacy can have fun we might hit LC or HL to spice things us
Barrt 15:32:44 Up
Barrt 15:32:54 Until we lose to many troops lol
Stiele 15:33:00 can't wait ;-)
Quianna 15:33:21 LC used to be where we lived, pre merger
Quianna 15:33:24 nice place
Stiele 15:33:50 that's funny I'm from EW originaly
Barrt 15:33:51 Q any news if or when merger is happening?
Quianna 15:33:56 no
Stiele 15:34:42 well as soon as we have any idea when that might be happening we need to have a talk like this immediately
Barrt 15:34:54 yeah
Quianna 15:35:07 honestly i see them more likely to merge Heroes and Bloodlust than us and Heroes
Stiele 15:35:14 but you mentioned the concept of time
Quianna 15:35:18 yes
Quianna 15:35:29 how long should we hold back?
Stiele 15:35:33 what do you think would work Barrt?
Barrt 15:35:58 Humm thats a tricky one
Stiele 15:35:59 well I think we hold back until SB has been secured by Synergy
Quianna 15:36:05 I want to say save the weekends for major recaptures, and the weekdays for whatever
Quianna 15:36:11 but i dont know how feasible it is
Quianna 15:36:54 if syn wanted to fight for 7-days straight, then we'd wit that long to make any offensives.
Barrt 15:37:06 IMO all kingdom alliances after SB is retaken is ended enough with 2v1 Quianna 15:37:08 aside from the ones we're allowed (small villages and plunder spots) Stiele 15:38:08 so what offensives would you want to make Quianna?
Quianna 15:38:39 me? whatever my people want. I want to know what I can tell them to do and when I have to tell them to hold their fire
Barrt 15:38:53 If we keep on with 2v1 after this we will just be back in the same boat in a few weeks or We will not be able to port into another map to fight cause it would be pointless
Quianna 15:39:38
like if for some obscure reason they want to hit a bunch of rivals because they have nothing better to do... aside from major weekend offensives, I think we can agree that's usually what happens
Quianna 15:40:19 or if we wanted to push away the Syn cities and villages near the 6 we hold
Stiele 15:40:47 what do you think Barrt?
Stiele 15:40:59 I don't really have an opinion
Barrt 15:40:59 Thats a ticky slope it opens up alot
Quianna 15:41:01 or if someone was garrisoned on a small village for a battle that was happening, but 3-days passed and theyre still there, could we hit them? or would they be protected under the no-catch clause
Barrt 15:42:09 Say I get bored and attack the lvl 6 cause Amazing is my rival when we are set to right legacy that weekend
Barrt 15:42:28 Dorrys like that will be opened
Barrt 15:42:32 Doors
Quianna 15:43:26 if youre set to fight legacy and want to go through the whole of the 6, then you're forfeiting a fight with Legacy and defeating this entire discussion
Barrt 15:43:39 We all know if someone attacks a city we will defend it so if we dont have Deff troops for the weekend battles everyone knows we will lose the battle
Barrt 15:44:06 I was using the point of attacking a rival you spoke about
Barrt 15:44:16 Pointing out a loop hole
Quianna 15:44:34 if youre set to attack Legacy then cities are off-limits
Stiele 15:44:36 I think it would be best if all those sort of attacks stop
Quianna 15:45:01 we already decided cities would not be attacked at all
Stiele 15:45:11 just to make sure it doesn't get to complicated and to make sure nothing escalates
Quianna 15:45:12 aside from anything within the contested wonder zones
Stiele 15:45:20 exactly
Barrt 15:45:24 Quianna 15:39:38 like if for some obscure reason they want to hit a bunch of rivals because they have nothing better to do... aside from major weekend offensives, I think we can agree that's usually what happens
Barrt 15:45:40 this was the loophole I was responding to
Stiele 15:45:46 where would they hit those if not in cities?
Quianna 15:46:02 Quianna 16:43:17 or if someone was garrisoned on a small village for a battle that was happening, but 3-days passed and theyre still there, could we hit them? or would they be protected under the no-catch clause
Stiele 15:46:24 I'd say you're free to hit those
Barrt 15:46:35 If someone is dumb enough to leave troops for 3 days after a fight they should be killed
Quianna 15:46:40 that's the time-limit i want to figure out
Stiele 15:46:44 got it Q
uianna 15:47:15 now if it's 3-days surrounding a battle, we're looking at the whole week, pretty much
Stiele 15:47:17 I'd say 1 day after victory
Quianna 15:47:43 And the timer starts when we have notification of the battle
Barrt 15:47:53 I would say give atleast 3 days after victory before more battles start Quianna 15:48:14 So if, say, it's decided an offensive on the south 5 will start tomorrow, then I will tell my people to hold their fire on any garrisoned troops in villaged Barrt 15:48:14 We will be fighting non stop you guys will have a week or so break between battles
Quianna 15:48:28 villages*
Quianna 15:49:18 oh! what about troops garrisoned at *other* wonders? So if it's the SW 5, and we see troops garrisoned at the NW 5 or teh 6, perhaps -- free-fire? Nvm... Quianna 15:49:20 just, no fire. Barrt 15:49:38 During the attack on Legacy Origin will not be able to attack anything of Synergy until victory or the wonder and 3 day window to recover
Quianna 15:49:39 I'm just gonna trust people to not garrison so obscurely
Barrt 15:49:46 unless you guys are willing to give us more time
Quianna 15:50:07 wait, don't just say anything. we said empty small villages were ok. Are you wanting to rescind that?
Quianna 15:50:25 I'm ok w the 3-day post-victory/battle window
Barrt 15:50:46 Lets be honest who keeps troops on villages in the middle of nowhere that we are not attacking
Quianna 15:51:08 Do I have to answer that?
Barrt 15:51:15 Only reason to put troops on a village is to setup for attack
Quianna 15:51:51 or prevent porting
Quianna 15:52:19 and just to be clear, Synergy isn't allowed to hit Origin while it's hitting Legacy, unless theyre porting to EW/LC
Barrt 15:52:22 That would only be in our wonder areas or the one we are attacking Barrt 15:52:28 both of which is off limits
Barrt 15:52:52 Yes we can not attack origin during the attacks on Legacy
Quianna 15:53:13 If someone in Synergy does attack us while hitting Legacy, are we free to respond in any way we see fit?
Quianna 15:53:46 particularly, if we decided to ask for assistance, is this nullified for that instance?
Stiele 15:53:47 first check to see if there are any commanders on
Barrt 15:53:56 Get with me and we can work it out unless we all want to agree if a member attacks then other 2 kingdoms crush them
Quianna 15:54:39 I would ask first. If you allowed it, then I'd be hurt. But if it were that member's foolishness, then I will retaliate. Yes?
Barrt 15:54:47 Say Origin member attacks syn then Legacy and Syn attacks Origin
Barrt 15:55:22 to make sure the peace is upheld
Quianna 15:55:34 sounds nasty, but I understand why you're considering it.
Stiele 15:55:52 would make sense
Quianna 15:55:56 all three sides, keep our members under control and accountable for their actions
Stiele 15:56:02 exactly
Barrt 15:56:04 AND we must speak with leadrship first cause I know we have members in our kingdom that are alts for other kingdoms
Barrt 15:56:19 I can see spies attacking citys just to get shit started
Quianna 15:56:30 that'd... be annoying...
Stiele 15:56:38 more than that
Stiele 15:57:02 but agreed we talk to command first before retaliating
Quianna 15:57:15 I have another contention.
Quianna 15:57:23 What about Reni?
Barrt 15:57:27 So before any action is taken we must meet and talk about it then the other 2 kingdoms will take up arms if needed to inforce the rules
Stiele 15:57:33 yes
Barrt 15:57:35 Reni?
Quianna 15:57:38 ReniSin
Stiele 15:57:40 Komodo S
tiele 15:57:48 and Prestige
Quianna 15:57:50 Poort seems to be using his Merc, w/e
Barrt 15:57:55 think she is in tristar now isnt she?
Quianna 15:58:01 doubt it
Stiele 15:58:06 no she has her own alliance
Quianna 15:58:11 she went rogue, started her own alliance, then took up Komodo Stiele 15:58:14 used to be tristar
Barrt 15:58:16 She supose to join this week sometime
Stiele 15:58:23 ah ok
Quianna 15:58:31 Komodo helped Syn, so we declared on them, I can't speak for Legacy
Barrt 15:58:35 few other members from some old allaince coming over
Quianna 15:58:46 Are we (Origin) free to hit Komodo until they join Synergy?
Barrt 15:58:52 Vikings
Barrt 15:58:55 is reforming
Stiele 15:59:03 or should we just consider them Synergy?
Barrt 15:59:07 tristars name is changing
Barrt 15:59:17 Yeah they will be synergy this week
Stiele 15:59:22 thats why Poort became leader?
Barrt 15:59:34 Yeah he wants to get his old group back together
Quianna 15:59:45 that explains the ease with which you're viewing EW as a target, imo Barrt 16:00:05 Nah we planed on attacking a month ago
Barrt 16:00:16 timing sucked and piece talks got in the way
Quianna 16:00:22 I know, I remember.
Barrt 16:00:53 We were going to hit the weekend after we ported 2 guys over and took that 5 and 4s and 3s
Barrt 16:01:12 But called it off
Quianna 16:01:12 I know >.>
Barrt 16:01:30 Bod gave me hell for that lol
Quianna 16:01:39 I remember that, too
Barrt 16:01:53 She picked at me for a week shes funny
Quianna 16:01:56 we don't like sharing our pretty woods. your red made it icky Quianna 16:02:36 im sure you feel the same about the beach
Barrt 16:03:16 Ok so everything is good so far I just want it to be cleared up about villages in wonder areas being held by an army is off limits to a kingdom that isnt in the wonder battle
Barrt 16:04:08 The 3rd kingdom can not take part in any way taking citys back or defending or retaking villages or blocking citys from porting in
Stiele 16:04:34 yes so I think Origin should set diplo to neutral as well
Quianna 16:04:48 neutral with...?
Stiele 16:04:52 Synergy
Quianna 16:05:48 well that's gonna be a fight.
Barrt 16:05:50 I would say leave it on war cause if Neutral couldnt we run past the citys hit wonder and won
Barrt 16:06:02 Win
Quianna 16:06:17 you could if we stayed on alert
Quianna 16:06:36 I think Stiele's suggesting neutrality so our rivalry doesn't trap you Barrt 16:06:43 Alert loses players 20% resource
Stiele 16:06:47 we have several mixed islands and valleys I'd hate it if the same happened as last week
Barrt 16:06:59 I am fine with it just tring to keep players building
Barrt 16:07:20 yeah true
Quianna 16:07:39 how about if we insist all Origin cities move to locations at or near the 6 to prevent blockades?
Quianna 16:07:54 if there are any actually preventing movement
Barrt 16:07:54 Alerts need to come off if a city is in the area we are fighting so we dont have last weekend happen again
Stiele 16:07:55 and I'd say the battle ends not with just taking the wonder but also keeping it for some time
Stiele 16:09:05 so that makes it less interesting to just move past neutral cities
Barrt 16:09:08 If its a time based kinda goes back to citys burning if we cant burn citys how do we defend the area
Stiele 16:09:31 and having everyone on neutral makes it clear that we're under an agreement
Stiele 16:09:36 prevents incidental breaches
Quianna 16:10:06 neutrality would be easier if people didn't actually dislike one another so much...
Stiele 16:10:09 set time should be several hours, no longer
Stiele 16:10:26 well part of the truce deal was forgive and forget....
Quianna 16:10:35 how about the 12-hrs it'd take to burn?
Quianna 16:10:53 leaders, for the most part, can forgive and forget. members are harder to convince
Quianna 16:11:20 well, forgive, really. never forget, they dont
Quianna 16:11:33 it's really just sweeping it under the rug, really.
Barrt 16:11:39 Trouble I see is it takes one army to recap a wonder so would be hard to protect it for so long
Barrt 16:11:50 How about the city on 5 star
Stiele 16:11:50 how about 1 hour
Barrt 16:12:07 Use the 5 star city as the one for timer
Quianna 16:12:29 so capture the wonder, and then capture the 5-star city?
Quianna 16:12:35 or capture both and hold the city?
Barrt 16:13:04 To claim the area must hold the 5 star for 1 full battle?
Barrt 16:13:17 thats 8 hours to claim it
Quianna 16:13:45 well, that's just winning the 5-star. holding it would be 2-battles. Winning the offensive to capture, and winning the defensive to hold
Barrt 16:13:49 Just throwing ideas out
Barrt 16:14:11 I am speakign about once the city is taken
Barrt 16:14:21 Hold it for 8 hours Barrt 16:14:36 If you didnt attack and win you dont hold anything
Quianna 16:14:51 so you have to win the defensive
Barrt 16:15:15 Yes hold it for the 8 hour battle
Barrt 16:15:21 which would be defending
Barrt 16:15:41 Or we could try the one hour wonder thing
Quianna 16:16:54 how long does it take to capture a lvl 5?
Barrt 16:16:59 4 mins Quianna 16:17:10 =/
Barrt 16:17:23 I only use 1 army for lvl 5 and 6 wonders
Stiele 16:18:48 sorry afk for 1 sec
Barrt 16:18:54 k

Stiele 16:48:13 I like the idea of the holding the 5 star for one full battle
Barrt 16:49:33 While you were away I was thinking about the downtime after battles Barrt 16:49:56 We really need maybe a few more then 3 days for the kingdoms to port citys out and move citys in
Stiele 16:51:01 how long do you think?
Barrt 16:51:13 Or once the wonder area is won its off limits to attacks
Barrt 16:51:35 so we can focus on other areas and not rebuilding the area first
Barrt 16:52:32 3 day rebuild time is fine but it takes longer to get citys in order and moved all around
Stiele 16:52:35 would be fine with that
Barrt 16:53:27 K so once wonder area is won the larger grain spots port out soon as they can but the other citys can take there time
Barrt 16:53:58 then 3 days noone can attack then the battles begain all over lol
Barrt 16:54:38 Odds are we will only attack once a week to give everyone time to build back up
Stiele 16:55:31 sounds good
Stiele 16:55:42 Quianna what do you think?
Quianna 16:57:22 if it's being planned, 1 battle per week, then there shouldn't be a problem with cities pulling defenses from other won/uncontested wonder zones? Quianna 16:58:19 or does it not matter where units come from? if for some odd chance a few cities have still yet to move from a wonder that was won, can they still use units from that city to assist in other battles?
Stiele 16:58:59 if they can get out chokes will probably be on alert
Stiele 16:59:05 but can allways just use the instance
Barrt 16:59:17 When We are attacking Origin you can pull troops off any city in Sb
Barrt 16:59:45 But we shouldnt really be fighting origin alot you guys only have 2 wonders
Quianna 16:59:47 and to clarify - when a wonder is recaptured, those cities inside are porting out of SB entirely, not just to another wonder patch?
Quianna 17:00:00 I know, I'm clarifying for the entirety of it
Stiele 17:00:16 they are also allowed to reinforce a wonder being kept
Stiele 17:00:42 otherwise troops will soon dry out
Quianna 17:00:50 so when should cities be expected to port entirely out of SB? when all Legacy wonders or all Origin wonders are recaptured?
Quianna 17:00:58 if at all?
Stiele 17:01:40 lets just make that one of the subjects of talks when Sb is about to be secured
Barrt 17:02:00 yeah we are far from that Barrt 17:02:13 merger could happen or something before we get to that point
Quianna 17:02:25 well im ok with extending the recovery time
Stiele 17:02:36 same here
Quianna 17:02:37 if it's a battle a week, then we're looking at 1-week's recovery Quianna 17:02:41 is that right? Barrt 17:03:00 Yes we would have 3 or 4 days and you guys get around
10 Quianna 17:03:47 i dont see how we'd have different intervals
Barrt 17:04:19 We fight legacy this weekend next weekend we would fight you then weekend after we would fight legacy
Barrt 17:04:43 So thats how you 2 get more time
Quianna 17:05:28 i thought we were saving the 6 for last
Barrt 17:05:56 we own 1 lvl 5 already
Barrt 17:06:05 them you them then lvl 6 is last
Quianna 17:06:27 we only have the 6
Barrt 17:06:28 theyown 2 5s you own 1 5 and you own the 6
Quianna 17:06:46 how many 5s are there, 4?
Barrt 17:06:51 Yeah 4
Quianna 17:06:54 we only have the 6
Stiele 17:06:58 the five that's owned by origin is currently being held by me
Quianna 17:07:04 legacy has the other 3
Stiele 17:07:09 that's the mix up
Barrt 17:07:10 Stele took the lvl 5 wonder but all of the citys are Origin so counting that as origin
Quianna 17:07:23 well that's just confusing.
Quianna 17:07:40 ok
Barrt 17:09:03 So after the 3 lvl 5 and the 6 wonders are taken you guys agree to remove all citys and anyone left will be inactives to farm
Barrt 17:09:53 NM we said we would talk about that later
Stiele 17:10:21 ok
Barrt 17:10:39 Next meeting I would like to cover citys being removed and Ending all kingdom allainces remove 2V1 from the server
Quianna 17:10:47 Can we agree that after the wonders are recaptured, there will be a ceasefire/
Quianna 17:10:55 until we decide what we're doing?
Barrt 17:11:05 Yeah we will need it
Stiele 17:11:10 agreed
Barrt 17:11:11 atleast a 2 week peace
Barrt 17:11:26 and we can meet and go over everything
Stiele 17:11:31 exactly
Quianna 17:12:01 so starting after the 5-star city has been held for 2-assaults (the initial offensive, and the holding defensive), a ceasefire will be in effect
Quianna 17:12:09 from the 6
Barrt 17:12:18 Yes
Quianna 17:13:00 let me see if I can summarize our points
Barrt 17:15:17 Side note Chili cheese fritos is the shit
Quianna 17:18:16 1) Starting next week, offensives will ensue. The first offensive will be between Legacy and Synergy. Origin is not to interfere.
2) After 3-days, players are not allowed to assault either side, or risk discipline.
3) Players can assault small villages, plunder zones, or troops garrisoned on small villages after these 3-day windows.
4) Immediately following the successful capture of the Wonder, 5-star Plots must be abandoned. Successful capture of the Wonder is defined as: Capturing the Wonder AND capturing the 5-star Grain City once, following holding the city after the defensive.
5) Any player that engages in unauthorized assault on another Kingdom will be penalized within that assault by all 3 Kingdoms. And unauthorized assault is defined as attacking one Kingdom while said Kingdom is engaged with the third Kingdom. (eg: Synergy and Legacy being engaged, and Origin attacking Synergy).
Barrt 17:20:17 2) After 3-days, players are not allowed to assault either side, or risk discipline.
wording a bit off i think
Quianna 17:20:41 6) Offensives will be rotational, with the Level 6 Wonder being kept for last. First Legacy's 5, followed by the 5 occupied by Origin, followed by Legacy's final 5, and lastly, the level 6.
7) After the successful capture of the Level 6, all three Kingdoms will initiate a 2-week (14-day) ceasefire.
Cool Kingdoms are permitted, but not obliged, to engage in cross-continental assaults.
9) Cross-continental assaults (assaults not in SB) will be allowed to use, if desired, 2vs1 combat.
Quianna 17:22:14 how about, 2) 3-days following a major offensive, players engage in a ceasefire?
Barrt 17:23:13 After each victory thier will be a 3 day Ceasefire the way I am reading yours it seems the Ceasefire starts 3 days after
Barrt 17:23:17 But maybe its me
Barrt 17:23:28 I have taken my meds already lol
Quianna 17:23:41 I'm trying to fit in this:
Barrt 17:55:43 K so once wonder area is won the larger grain spots port out soon as they can but the other citys can take there time
Barrt 17:56:14 then 3 days noone can attack then the battles begain all over lol Quianna 17:24:49 ok, so 2) Following a successful Wonder capture, players initiate a 3-day ceasefire
Barrt 17:25:19 Yeah
Barrt 17:25:34 Thanks
Stiele 17:25:36 agreed
Barrt 17:25:50 I was reading it to players in vent and they all were thinking what I thought
Barrt 17:26:08 Well what I figured they would think
Quianna 17:26:40 9 points. can anyone think of any more that we discussed but havent been included?
Barrt 17:26:57 Muffins are required?
Stiele 17:27:02 seems pretty complete to me, nice job!
Quianna 17:27:23 ^_^
Quianna 17:28:50 anything that needs to be redefined or clarified to eliminate as many loopholes as possible?
Quianna 17:30:57 oh
Quianna 17:31:10 neutrality
Stiele 17:31:14 right
Quianna 17:31:34 do you want to be neutral, Barrt/
Quianna 17:31:36 ?*
Barrt 17:33:02 Thats fine I sent the request to virkel
Quianna 17:33:51 and also, Komodo
Quianna 17:33:59 how do we approach them
Barrt 17:34:25 Let me see if they are still joining if not do whatever to them Stiele 17:34:25 we see them as Synergy
Quianna 17:34:44 If that's the case
Quianna 17:34:53 Then Komodo can't touch Origin when we're in SB
Quianna 17:35:02 but we can terrorize them in EW as per to #9
Barrt 17:35:44 nods
Quianna 17:35:50 and im pretty sure that getting people to agree to neutrality with Syn would be impossible... but I can press..
Quianna 17:36:12 like I said, that's asking for a fight
Barrt 17:36:34 I can see that point cause you will not be able to see us port in
Quianna 17:36:35 it'd be easier if what is between Origin and Synergy weren't so damn personal
Quianna 17:36:43 and that too
Quianna 17:37:01 especially with the color-map not working sometimes, it's hard to keep tabs on everyone
Barrt 17:37:08 Its not to me you guys just hate a hand full of our players from shit that took place 8 months ago
Quianna 17:37:35 most of their rage is pretty recent
Quianna 17:37:48 otherwise, it's implicit distrust
Barrt 17:38:53 When you screwed us over of corse you guys are not going to trust us to do something back
Quianna 17:38:58 im not sure how switching to neutrality would change things, bc i dont think we're in the way of Synergy fighting Legacy
Barrt 17:39:15 we ca leave it as rival
Quianna 17:39:16 as to what happened last weekend, it was the effect of neutral cities turning on alert, and we were the targets
Barrt 17:39:48 Yeah sucks we so had that area
Barrt 17:40:28 But couldnt break my word and attack that dipshit that turned alert on Quianna 17:40:44 be nice about it, we asked him because we needed it
Barrt 17:41:26 You know that it was low down cause everyone knew I wouldnt break my word
Quianna 17:41:40 I dont know about that Quianna 17:41:47 for us it wasnt about you Quianna 17:42:03 it was about Legacy being our ally and working out how we could be allies but not have the same rivals Quianna 17:42:20 that point is the only reason i can see for going neutral
Stiele 17:42:44 Like I said it was my fault, Burat shouldn't have been asked to turn on alert but I was away
Quianna 17:42:44 at least then, we'd be both fighting a neutral party, for which there's no obligation to help
Barrt 17:42:55 We were Neutral for a while but amazing requested rival so we can fight for SB Quianna 17:43:19 what if we took turns?
Quianna 17:43:27 nvm.
Stiele 17:44:09 Well we have a deal! Don't think the neutral issue changes that
Barrt 17:44:21 Yeah
Quianna 17:44:28 So if Virk doesn't accept, is that ok?
Barrt 17:44:41 Yeah thats fine
17:44:44 Stiele?
Stiele 17:44:48 fine with me
Quianna 17:44:53 ok
Quianna 17:45:06 Virk is from that old crew, so he'd probably have his reservations Barrt 17:45:12 I am on edge when you guys are neu with us if you remember last time you stole all our wonders and upgraded as a prank
Quianna 17:45:36 The sad thing is, all the things that happened, I wasn't even in on Quianna 17:45:41 but yet, I had to do damage control.
Barrt 17:45:57 Yeah

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Meeting With Legecy/Origin
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